Project grants and financing

If projects fit into public policies, grants may be available for these projects. In general, grants from national governments or international organisations are available for certain international projects that stimulate knowledge development or that contribute the (socio-economic) development in low and middle income countries.At the right side of the screen, some examples are included.

Knowledge development is for example stimulated by the European Commission in the context of the Lisbon Strategy. By means of the 7th Framework Program, the European Commission can co-finance projects in most scientific  fields focusing on research, innovation, and education. For certain financial instruments of the 7th Framework.

For international projects in education, the European Social Fund might offer grant opportunities. The Fund aims to contribute to projects that enhance employment opportunities. Grants are available for specific education programs that prepare employees for changing labor market conditions and improving their position on the labor market.

Projects in low and middle income countries might be co-funded by a wide range of organisations and grant programs. For example, the EU provides grants for private companies and NGOs in the water and energy sector in Africa, Caribbean and Pacific. But the EU also provides grants for projects in Asia, for example projects by NGOs contributing to more sustainable production and consumption. Also for infrastructure development there are quite some grant opportunities.

For international projects, Berenschot can provide you with strategic advice, hands-on support in realising grants (e.g. PSI, ORIO, Energy facility, Water facility), project management support, and access to international networks for partnering.