Organisational Design and Structuring

The structure of an organisation plays an important role in all kinds of current issues. It is a determining factor for the way in which customers experience the organisation, the behaviour of employees and the managers' assumption of responsibility.

How to structure an organisation so that the customer is the key focus? How to design an organisation that provides scope for employees to take their own initiatives, whilst providing sufficient opportunities for management and supervisors to assume responsibility? And how to reduce costs, while continuing to offer the best product or service?

Berenschot can help managements to maintain a grip on the organisation. This can be especially useful in an increasingly complex environment in which each individual is a unique customer with his/her own wishes, and in which stakeholders are increasingly exercising, or wanting to exercise, influence on the direction of your organisation. We advise you on the best structure for your organisation, along all dimensions. This results in higher customer satisfaction and efficient processes.

"The structure of an organisation is either receiving too little attention or is being tackled too ambitiously. Organisations often exclusively devote attention to changing or overturning the management dimension when they implement a structural change: a division by product, market, geography or functional area. A sizeable intervention for an organisational problem whose scope is possibly not nearly as significant. Hence the plea to devote attention to structure in proportion to the desired strategy and change objective. Bearing in mind the complexity of the organisational design: a system of agreements concerning coordination, responsibilities and authorities. Since changes in structure also result in changes in behaviour, the organisation's structure should also be given more attention in change management projects."

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