Public procurement

The public sector in the Netherlands procures to a total of approximately 120 billion euros from suppliers - an amount equivalent to 30 to 50% of the budgets. Benchmark research by Berenschot has shown that this procurement is generally conducted in a fragmented manner, and as a result an excessive number of suppliers are involved in the procurement process. Moreover, in far too many instances we have found that no procurement expertise is utilised when making the procurement decision and there is a lack of management information.

In times of austerity measures and budget cuts, more and more leaders of public organizations recognize the importance of managing their procurement processes. After all, all savings on procurement directly benefit personnel or policy expenditures.Berenschot supports public organisations in this professionalisation round for their procurement.

Frequently asked questions from customers

  • Achieving savings on procurement What savings can I achieve in the area of procurement? What can procurement synergy and procurement cooperation offer our organisation? What are the product groups and services that can offer the greatest savings? What critical success factors have a role internally in achieving those savings? How professional is our procurement organisation currently and what opportunities are there for improvement?
  • Handle on procurement streams How can I get a better handle on my procurement streams? How legitimate are our calls for tenders? How do I maintain control of the decision-making process regarding calls for tenders? How do I guarantee the efficiency of those many thousands of minor purchases in our organisation?
  • Increasing the efficiency of European calls for tenders The implementation of our policy is (partially) in the hands of external suppliers. How can I find the perfect match between my request/policy objective and the supply from suppliers? How do I gain greater insight and a better handle on the performance of my suppliers? How can I increase my suppliers' contribution to my policy objectives?