Private procurement

Suppliers can contribute added value to an organisation, for example through optimum chain logistics and delivery reliability. This enables you as a purchasing organisation to offer your own clients a high level of logistics performance.

The added value of suppliers can also be the result of optimum cost management, which enables you to successfully introduce a strategy of cost leadership. Finally, far-reaching innovation by the suppliers is conceivable, which brings a strategy of product leadership within reach. The procurement strategy therefore is an important strategic cornerstone for every organisation.

Frequently asked questions from customers

  • Achieving procurement savings A slight saving of just a few percent on procurement expenditures can lead to a significant increase in your profits. What amount of savings can I achieve in my organisation with procurement, and what product groups and services are the most promising in terms of savings to be obtained?
  • Procurement of added value (value sourcing) The performance of my organisation are strongly dependent of the performance of my supplier. How can I, together with my suppliers, continuously improve the performance of the chain and minimise risks?
  • Setting up a procurement organisation and procurement strategy What are the critical success factors in my organisation for achieving our procurement objectives? How can I manage the contracts and suppliers effectively? How professional is our procurement organisation currently and what opportunities are there for improvement?

Strategic procurement