How does it take place?

We will invite you to an assessment survey requested by the organisation that wishes to obtain an impression of your capacities in relation to a specific function, your suitability for a training programme or your general development potential. This survey does not involve any specific preparations or study - just be present, well-rested, relaxed, and on time.

Meeting with psychologist

The survey is overseen by a psychologist with whom you will meet during the survey day. This interview will focus on your development and/or the position in which you are interested, as well as your work and/or life history.

Tests and questionnaires

You will spend part of the day taking tests and completing questionnaires online and/or on paper. These tests and questionnaires will focus on the specific objective of the survey. Throughout the day you will be supervised by a testing centre assistant. You can approach him or her with any questions or problems. Of course, you can also always contact the psychologist responsible for the survey.

Practice-based exercises

Along with the interview, the completion of questionnaires and intelligence tests, during the assessment survey you will also perform one or more practically-oriented exercises derived from the Assessment Center Method. This method assesses behavioural skills by means of role-playing and other simulation exercises, such as an in-box assignment or an analysis assignment.