Psychological Consulting and Assessments

Organisations are changing more and more rapidly. Jobs are changing accordingly and consequently the demands placed on employees too. The new core competences for employees are flexibility and the ability to change.

Furthermore, the job pool is shrinking as a result of dejuvenation and the ageing population. Organisations not only need to look for good people, but retain current staff too. Berenschot has a tailor-made approach for both groups. We quickly screen employees in the flexible layer using quick scans and e-assessments. We also review and guide employees in the core of your organisation, so that you can deploy them based on their strengths in areas where they can continue to develop. Indeed, vitality management is becoming increasingly important in personnel policy.

As dedicated consultants with in-depth knowledge of these matters, we work with you to develop a constructive approach and provide you with critical feedback. This enables you to attract and retain the staff your organisation needs if you are to achieve your ambitions - now and in the future.

Peter Edelman_klein

"The crisis has forced many organisations to reduce their personnel complement. Nevertheless, they must continue to invest in their personnel in order to meet future market demands. Ensuring sufficient and high quality personnel will be a significant challenge in the coming years. A new direction may mean existing jobs being redefined or even becoming redundant. But how do you decide which personnel you need? Who is able to move along? Who is suitable for what job? And is there still a job for everyone?

Assessments prove to be a perfect navigator. If organisations can continue to focus on the competences, areas for development and potential for promotion of their current personnel, they will also know whether their current personnel can achieve their vision for the future. And an incidental benefit: this method is fair as well. Everyone is tested in the same way and everyone has the same opportunity. This avoids resistance from staff, as well as the works council."

Peter Edelman
Managing Director Berenschot

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