Interim Management and Search

Are you looking for candidates for a key position within your organisation? Someone who can attract new customers from his/her own network? Someone who can provide direction to a complex change management project?

Filling key positions at management and executive levels in your organisation demands good market knowledge, broad expertise, a good network, decisiveness and discretion. Because of Berenschot's broad sphere of activity and expertise, customers can call on us for a range of assignments and projects.

Our key starting points are quality, speed and results. To deliver on this, we use a specific approach comprising the following five steps:

  • A focus on the management style and culture of your organisation.
  • Selection of the right fit between our candidate and your organisation.
  • Formulation and execution of the project with verifiable objectives and criteria.
  • Shadow management during the preparation and execution phases.
  • Conclusion, including steps to ensure continuity of the results and evaluation.

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