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Achieving and maintaining a good reputation requires strategic communication from the highest level. Therefore, organisations increasingly need communication advice at the highest levels of the organisation.

Executives are faced with critical customers, target groups, media and stakeholders. To deal with these groups effectively, it is vital that they receive strategic communication advice in the boardroom.

The ideal communications department is an interface between the internal and the outside world. It knows exactly what is going on within society and is able to produce the right diagnosis.

Berenschot is experienced in raising the standard of communications within government organisations, institutions and companies. We perform analyses on the status quo of your company, and help create a clear focus towards your goal. We train communication consultants to enable them to provide advice at high levels within the organisation. Furthermore, we advise on the optimal organisation of public affairs and lobbying departments. We give communication trainings for mayors, bank directors and bishops. We provide insight into the workings of social media, and how organisations can incorporate social media into their communication strategy. We give presentations and inspirational lectures about the latest trends.

An added value for the customer is that Berenschot can combine various areas of expertise. We employ consultants who have professional communication knowledge and who know how to organise a department. We can also use benchmark analyses spanning many years. Based on the workforce data in similar organisations, customers are thus provided with well-supported advice about their own workforce.

"The demand for communication at strategic level is increasing. This is because reputations are becoming increasingly vulnerable. Major organisations no longer have control over their own reputation. Highly qualified communication specialists are required to translate the strategy into branding and a lobby. These people must be able to work with HRM, the strategy department, marketing and risk management.

This is crucial, because external stakeholders have increasing resources at their disposal with which to influence organisations, such as a lobby, social media and their own network. And the company's own employees also twitter: they can make or break the company's reputation. This is a sign that society is becoming increasingly horizontal: ‘inside' and ‘outside' are increasingly spilling over into one another. Administrators and directors are beginning to recognise the importance of strategic communication as a means of achieving their organisational objectives."

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