Administrative-legal organisation

Many organisational issues in the public and semi-public sectors involve a legal aspect. Often, changes to a legal form are prompted by an increase or decrease in scale, a merger or privatisation.

The more there is at stake, the more important the legal aspects become. Berenschot advises on modifying and structuring legal forms in which administrative issues such as control and management play an important role. Our strength is our ability to think in terms of solutions: our approach considers what is legally feasible rather than what is impossible. We transform complex legislation into practicable constructs.

We firmly believe in using an integral approach to our projects. This means continuously switching between knowledge and process-related skills. Law not only has a structuring or limiting function in projects, it also plays an enabling and facilitating role. Our practice demonstrates that this ultimately contributes to a faster and more predictable decision-making process with high quality results. This can provide a sufficient basis for a well-structured and smooth execution and implementation phase.

Floris Bannink_klein

Berenschot provides advice that is administratively suitable, legally sound and organisationally practicable for projects in which laws and regulations are a structuring factor. Our approach is characterised by the way we link our legal expertise to other relevant disciplines, enabling us to generate integral solutions to issues in complex administrative environments.

Floris Bannink
Managing Director Berenschot

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