Many organisational issues in the public and semi-public sectors involve a legal aspect. Often, changes to a legal form are prompted by an increase or decrease in scale, a merger or privatisation.

Organisations increasingly need communication advice at the highest levels of the organisation. Achieving and maintaining a good reputation requires strategic communication from the highest level.

The ageing population is producing shortages on the job market. The number of graduates is falling, causing problems for many companies which are unable to fill their vacancies.

Are you looking for candidates for a key position within your organisation? Someone who can attract new customers from his/her own network? Someone who can provide direction to a complex change management project?

Organisations are changing more and more rapidly. Jobs are changing accordingly and consequently the demands placed on employees too. The new core competences for employees are flexibility and the ability to change.

Organisations are increasingly utilising the added value of suppliers for their own strategic proposition. Influenced by the current trend of outsourcing activities, more and more organisations are being established that are structured as network connections. Some even argue that cooperation in alliances is the organisational structure of the future.