Post-merger integration

How do I ensure the integration gets off to a flying start? How do I actually create synergy? What is the right balance between speed and due care? Which business functions should be integrated? How do I manage the integration?

Research shows that in 60-85% of mergers and acquisitions, the pre-established financial objectives are not met. This is mainly due to the integration process being performed too late or not completely. However, the potential of a merger or acquisition can only be fully fulfilled if there is also a focus on value creation and value realisation besides purchase benefits.

An acquisition or a merger is an important investment which needs to be recouped. Economies of scale are one way of doing this, but often the creation of new value is required too. This can be achieved by entering new markets or developing new products and services and introducing them to the market, for example.

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This requires a vigorous and decisive new organisation. Treat integration as a project and set up a solid project organisation. This facilitates the fastest possible transfer to the line. Furthermore, a successful post-merger integration requires a focus on business culture and a willingness to actively work together.

Berenschot supports you in all aspects of the integration process, such as operations, organisation and governance, HRM, remuneration, communication, business culture and change management. This integral approach simplifies the management process and speeds up the overall process.