Leadership Development

Leadership is the capacity to provide direction and cohesion based on a shared vision. Leaders are focused on allowing employees to contribute to the organisation's objectives on the basis of their own strengths and motivations.

The core of successful leadership is a results-oriented sense of purpose. To achieve this objective, managers must develop themselves in various ways. They should not only manage, but also demonstrate leadership. Support the organisation instead of clinging to it. They should enable employees to grow, and independently focus on objectives and results.

Berenschot contributes to the ambitions of your organisation by means of a wide variety of leadership programmes. The programme will revolve around the objectives of your organisation, while the talents and learning capacity of the manager in question are also taken into account. This ensures that the learning matches the needs of the organisation and the manager's own workplace. As a result, both the individual and the organisation as a whole can develop.

Myrte Ferwerda_klein

"People are increasingly looking for a sense of purpose, for work that matches the key values in their lives. Knowing how their work contributes to the greater whole creates a bond with the product, colleagues and customers. This growing need for a sense of purpose demands a great deal from leaders. Short-term results and maximising profit are being surpassed by self-insight, authenticity and social awareness. Employees want to be inspired by their manager. To achieve this, a manager must be able to extract meaning from his/her work and position his/her leadership task in the context of the organisation's objectives. He/she must be able to demonstrate these and link them to the employees' contributions."

Myrte Ferwerda
Manager Berenschot

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