Information Management

Many organisations are considering fully or partially outsourcing their information management function.

The key motives for this are cost savings and reducing the vulnerability of the information management function. And outsourcing also makes a more business-like approach feasible. However, it also creates new problems. How do you organise the control function? What expertise do you require in-house to ensure that the information management function is future-proof?

Berenschot is able to identify with a management board or municipal executive. We have the required knowledge and people who are good with figures. Furthermore, we understand the administrative-legal implications should an organisation decide to set up a shared service centre with others. The change management aspect is also addressed in depth, ensuring that the transition process goes smoothly, including trade unions and the works council. You thus maintain control over your ICT projects.

Hans van der Werff_klein

"It's common knowledge that ICT, information management and new media are becoming increasingly important in any organisation. And that every organisation is investing more and more money in these areas and becoming increasingly dependent on them. I am also guilty of repeating this in my introduction to many a policy document going back 25 years. But it remains true to this day!

Management, executive boards and municipal executives are still attempting to gain control over ICT investments and the executing organisation. Indeed, projects often produce results too late and after huge overruns still do not quite produce the desired result. And the tide can only be turned if decision-makers succeed in getting their hands back on the helm."

Hans van der Werff
Managing Director Berenschot

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