Facility Management

After personnel, accommodation is one of the biggest cost items. Therefore, organisations are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to save costs.

The trend is for smaller, more flexible organisations. This is also related to uncertainty about the future: no one knows how large an organisation will be in two to five years. It is therefore important to limit the number of square metres, while achieving maximum flexibility.

Berenschot understands the technical side of accommodation, real estate and organisational design and management. We also know how to give change management initiatives an inspiring direction. Together with the customer, we develop a vision for the organisation, its management and the work. We then assess what this means in terms of accommodation. Is it sensible to dispose of certain buildings? Is it possible to achieve gains by using a more flexible structure? ProCore is our partner in this field of expertise. We can thus create an integral customised solution for every customer.

Hans van der Werff_klein

"Facility Management fulfils a key role in the proper functioning of an organisation. Facilities products and services provide a supporting strength. They can also provide an innovative and controlling strength, enabling the organisation to work smarter. This includes more flexible accommodation using fewer fixed square metres. To discover which facilities are essential, organisations must start at the core: the work. It is important to gain insight into the work, its characteristics and how it will evolve in the near future. Once this has been clearly identified, an organisation is in a position to determine its ideal facilities support services."

Hans van der Werff
Managing Director Berenschot

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