Investment Check

Is my business plan sufficiently robust? Which business aspects have been neglected and require further substantiation? Is my company of sufficient interest to investors?

Good ideas and the money needed to invest in them go hand in hand. Many entrepreneurs have growth plans that are difficult to finance. At the same time it appears to be difficult to present ideas in a way that makes it possible to attract capital.

On the other hand, we are seeing that there is a great deal of capital in the market that is looking for a home. Private equity firms, for example, are always looking for good companies to invest in. However, their time, capacity and reach are often limited, as a result of which they are not always capable of picking out the promising propositions. You can considerably increase your chances of success by providing these investors with clear insight into your proposition and growth potential.

The investment check highlights the four key aspects that investors consider before stepping into a new organisation.

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Strategie en markt

Strategy and Market

Bedrijfsvoering en financiën

Business Operations & Finance

Aantrekkelijkheid voor investeerders

Level of Attraction for Investors




Growth Ambition

For entrepreneurs, the investment check offers insight into the attraction they hold for external financiers. In addition, the investment check identifies potential weak areas in a relatively simple way. This enables entrepreneurs to implement improvements before approaching investors, which drastically increases their chances of success.

For investors, the investment check is a powerful tool that enables them to quickly and easily acquire insight into the quality of an entrepreneur’s proposal. In this respect we not only look at the financial aspects, but also at the strategic market issues, the way in which the growth ambition is presented in the business plan, as well as the CEO’s or director and general shareholder’s entrepreneurship.

The investment check is part of Berenschot’s Capital Consulting service, but can also be acquired as a separate product. For additional information about the investment check, see downloads to the side.

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