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As an enterprise, you have a need to invest and grow. A good strategy is important and sufficient capital indispensable in this respect. Now that bank financing opportunities are far more limited than before, in part due to stricter capital requirements, you will have to avail yourself more often of other sources of financing as well in order to achieve your goals.

For companies with growth ambitions, private equity is the best alternative or the best supplement to bank financing. By combining the use of private equity with our knowledge of companies, we offer you the best possible solution to enable you to realise your growth ambitions. Like you, providers of private equity are focused on value creation over the long term.

The key focus is on the growth of your company

Like you, providers of private equity are focused on value creation over the long term. With Capital Consulting we identify the opportunities for value creation within your company. We will enable you to acquire insight into key value drivers, short-term opportunities for improvement and strategic growth options for your business. With this insight we can then provide you with access to our network of prominent investors who share our vision of growth, long-term commitment and good governance. The strength of this approach is that you, as well as your investors, are aware of your value potential and how this potential can be exploited. Our remuneration is in part dependent on the result you achieve on the basis of our effort. This is our way of underscoring our confidence in your potential.

Companies to whom we offer access to our Capital Consulting service and our network of investors must meet the following criteria:

  • Focused on growth
  • Prepared to temporarily (partially) give up control
  • In business for at least five years with a proven product or service and a positive cash flow
  • A minimum capital need of € 1,000,000
  • A profitable history of in principle three years
  • At least € 10 million in revenues
  • Demonstrable and strong growth potential
  • Sectors: agri food, manufacturing industry, commercial services, wholesale trade and transport & logistics

Frequently Asked Client Questions

  • Investment check: : is my business plan sufficiently robust? Which business aspects are neglected and require further substantiation? Is my company of sufficient interest to investors?
  • Business review: what do I have to offer investors? What are the key value drivers in my company? What is the value potential of my company and what strategy offers the best opportunity for exploiting this potential?
  • Management & entrepreneurial review: is the management team considered capable of executing the value-enhancing strategy? What competencies and skills could further supplement the director’s entrepreneurial competencies?
  • Investment process guidance: what investors offer the best fit for my profile and ambitions? How do I achieve the best possible deal with the investor? What is the value of my business and the price of my shares? What is the best deal structure?
  • Value creation and management: which measures must be taken now to exploit the value potential, in what sequence, by whom and with what resources? How can we measure and manage the realised value creation? What is the best exit strategy for us to focus on?

Private equity firms are always looking for good companies to invest in. However, their time and capacity are limited, as a result of which they are not always able to recognise the potential of good companies or to sufficiently estimate their value in a timely manner. Good companies wishing to attract investors considerably increase their chances by providing investors with clear insight into their growth and value creation opportunities, as well as into the company’s areas of lesser strength. As a company you will not get any further ahead by submitting a slick sales memo to investors that hides the company’s fatal flaws and presents matters in a more positive light than they really are. Providing clear insight into the value potential is the focal issue; this is in your interest, in the interest of the investor and ultimately in our interest as well. We assist entrepreneurs in acquiring and offering this insight. Our independent and objective perspective in this respect serves as a quality mark for investors.

Martijn Röfekamp
Managing consultant

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