Alliance Inc.

Building ground-breaking Public Private Partnerships

How do we develop innovative solutions to complex development issues? What is the best way to bundle our knowledge and experience across sectors? Which parties might contribute to our goal, but are still unknown to us? And how do we achieve added-value in our cooperation with stakeholders? Berenschot’s
Alliance Inc. will help you with these questions.

Our vision on international partnerships

  • Partnerships have becoming a central part of official development policy in various countries. Many challenges in developing countries, such as the provision of water, energy and food s curity, must be addressed by means of cross-sectoral collaboration of public, private and notfor-profi t actors;
  • Private firms are interested to enter into partnerships, as part of their CSR strategy or internationalisation
    strategies towards emerging markets. The knowledge and network of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) ay be of great use to them. Not-for-profi t organisations more and more realise that there may be substantial verlap between their goals and those of private parties;