Change Management

The complex challenges faced by your organisation demand a clear course and direction. It is important that your organisation anticipates changes in an effective manner, without loss of productivity and effectiveness.

Changes affect the employees in your organisation and require an intelligent approach. This may involve internal changes, such as new work processes or systems, or changes originating from the environment, such as increased competition, downscaling or new legislation. Managing change effectively contributes to better organisational performance.

Berenschot helps organisations effectively structure and implement changes. We work with you to conceptualise the required processes and interventions. We help you take the lead in this, or we take this on for you. We do this using a structured approach for orienting (vision and strategy) and effectively setting up the organisation (structures and processes), and reorienting management and personnel (leadership and culture) to enable them to carry out the new tasks (in the new way).

Myrte Ferwerda_klein

"Conceptualising mergers and acquisitions, new strategies, reorganisations or revised processes is one thing; meaningfully communicating this to all employees is something entirely different. For such a change to permanently stick requires an integral approach. Organisations require a supported vision to give direction to change. This means that policy, systems, tools and methods of work must seamlessly fit with the change they are visualising. Another success factor is teamwork and the management capacity of the change management team. And, last but not least, employees must be involved in inspiring ways. Only then do you achieve real permanent change as an organisation."

Myrte Ferwerda
Managing Director Berenschot

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