Business Operations

The current adage is: increased efficiency. Both government and the business sector are aiming at excellent design and management for their organisation, processes and business procedures.

Organisations are attempting to achieve this by standardising their products and services, simplifying their processes and making them transparent, eliminating waste and promoting a change in behaviour among their employees.

Berenschot has a wide range of methods, concepts and tools designed to help organisations professionalise and optimise their business operations. These include Lean, Six Sigma, FTE Analysis, Overhead Value Analysis, and BPR (Business Process Redesign). Some concepts are based in industry, but are equally applicable to municipalities and other organisations. Berenschot advises and guides managements, boards and administrators in various sectors to help them identify where things can be done better, faster, on a smaller scale, more efficiently, more effectively and/or more profitably. On a factual, often quantitative basis: doing more or doing things better with fewer resources.

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