Ready-made rather than tailor-made

Benchmarks provide an answer to two questions: How do I do in comparison to my peers? And, most importantly, why is this the case?

Many benchmarks run aground on high ambitions, a plethora of indicators, definition-related problems and insufficient coordination with the participating organisations. Ultimately this results in a report packed with figures that are of little use to executives. In 2001, working closely with its customers, Berenschot started to systematically develop benchmarks aimed at developing high-quality, useful benchmarks.

Since then, over 1,500 organisations in 25 sectors have completed the Overhead Benchmark. And over two-thirds of all Dutch municipalities took part in our Magnitude of the Civil Service benchmark. We use a standardised approach with a scientific basis for this purpose. In other words, a high quality, ready-made rather than a tailor-made approach.

To guarantee quality, the Benchmarking Knowledge Centre was established in 2003. Furthermore, each year since 2006 we have received the quality mark from the Quality Institute for Dutch Municipalities (KING) for our municipal benchmark. Even more important is the high level of appreciation we receive from our customers.

The benchmarks formed the basis for scientific research (thesis: Appreciated Overhead) and for the book Heeft iemand de overhead gezien? (Has Anyone Seen Our Overhead?) (nominated for the management book of the year and the Netherlands Institute for Management Consultants (OOA) 2009 industry award). Both books only available in Dutch.

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Benchmarking Quality Mark


Every year since 2006, our municipal benchmarks have received a quality mark from the Quality Institute for Dutch Municipalities (KING).