Organisational Development

Strategic choices, such as a repositioning, a radical reorganisation or the need to do more with less, always affect the behaviour of employees and managers. It cannot be assumed that their day-to-day behavioural patterns respond to the needs of the new situation, while it is these same individuals who are required to transform the new strategic choices into a success.

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This is why organisations must also translate strategic choices into the potential implications for the actual behaviour of the people affected, in order to affect the desired behaviour. As a behavioural intervention specialist, Berenschot helps managers and employees live through the strategic choices at a behavioural level.

Together with you, we ensure that you can actually fulfil your organisation's ambitions. In this regard, Berenschot has sector-specific expertise in the public and private sectors. Better than anyone, we know how to build on what is going well in your organisation and we can provide support in areas that could be improved.

"If you wish to operate successfully at behavioural level as an organisation, there must be a good balance between the interests of the individual employees and those of the organisation. Norms and values for behavioural and organisational systems are the building blocks for this. The congruence between remuneration, career path and the embraced values is often lacking within organisations. That's a shame. Because when this congruence is present, employees are more motivated to do their work. And the organisation then has an unambiguous story to tell its stakeholders, which aligns the organisation with stakeholders. This is why excellence, ethics and engagement form the basis of our organising with dignityphilosophy."

Niels-Ingvar Boer
Former Berenschot Consultant

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