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Study tour Norway: The Future of Work

Study tour Norway: The Future of Work

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26 June 2023

Are you looking for the key to transition effectively to the work of the future? Why not join Berenschot on a voyage of discovery to Norway?

What’s the secret of Norway’s tripartite cooperation?

What is the Norwegian perspective on social dialogue between employers, social partners and government, and what do they consider the key themes in relation to the future of work and organisations? 

Berenschot and Professor Annet de Lange are together organising an exclusive study tour to Norway (Oslo) from 26 to 29 June 2023. There we will spend a number of days considering the Future of Work: which technological and demographic trends are influencing work? What new forms of work and organisation are emerging? And specifically to Norway: what exactly do organisations do differently there to become front-runners? What is the influence of the Norwegian tripartite model at the macro level? This trip offers you a unique opportunity to develop your ambition for the future of work! 

Why Norway?

Perhaps you never realised it, but Norway is a frontrunner in many areas. The country certainly excels when it comes to the labour market. Examples are numerous: from the social dialogue or tripartite model which shapes cooperation between employers’ organisations, government and social partners to front-runner positions when it comes to best practice in managing sustainability, work and health, and leadership. In short, it’s a fascinating and unique country with many inspiring places of interest. For instance, the stunning region of southern Norway and the city of Oslo. Norway may be best known for its oil and gas industry, shipping, tourism and outstanding natural beauty, but it’s also home to a great deal of relevant expertise on multinationals and research.


Norway is famous for the wealth it has earned from the oil and gas industries. In 2021 these industries accounted for more than a fifth (21%) of its gross domestic product. In addition the export of crude oil and natural gas make up 50% of Norway's exports. But how is the country dealing with falling oil prices? Which innovations and technological strategies is Norway considering to make the oil and gas industry more sustainable and to shape the relationship between employers and employees? What is the significance of the 2010 discovery of the ‘Johan Sverdrup’ oilfield for the country's exports and employment?

Healthcare: funding a modern system

Like other European countries Norway’s population is ageing fast. By 2060 one-in-five residents will be over 70. The Norwegian government has promised that everyone will have access to a modern healthcare system. What's the best way for them to organise this at a national scale?

Perspectives for cooperation: tripartite model

Norway is well known for innovative policies that are made possible by the effective tripartite model of cooperation for the employment market. The social dialogue is well organised and relevant best practices can be found in diverse organisations which are considered frontrunners in their fields. The themes we will look at include: preventive HRM policy, a design for workplace wellbeing, and leadership which promotes health.

Programme outline

Together with a select group of HR executives, we will spend five days looking for inspiration and answers. We will discuss the challenges we face and reflect on the outlook and developments in Norway. Among the themes we will be examining are:

  1. Perspectives for cooperation: what role does the tripartite model play in social dialogue and the employment markt in Norway?
  2. Agility and Healthcare: How does Norway deal with employment market challenges arising from an ageing population and the importance of maintaining health and vitality into old age?
  3. Organisational transformation: what demands do the dynamics of Norway's oil and gas industry place on organisational and people transformations?

In Oslo we will visit some leading companies (including NHO = Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise), trade unions and representatives of the Norwegian government to reflect on how they deal with disruptive innovations in the employment market. HR Norge (Even Bolstad) will tell us about the key developments on the future of work in Norway. We will then visit the Akademikerne (Federation of Norwegian Professional Associations) in Oslo to hear the latest insights on employment and health in Norway. We will also provide for cultural relaxation and there will be room for reflection and linking insights to our own practical situation.

What will you gain by joining this trip?

Inspiration and insights derived from both academic research and everyday practice:

  • knowledge and insights into technological, economic and social developments in Norway with a particular focus on the Future of Work:
    • how are the Norwegians dealing with the advent of new technology and managing sustainability? How do they use the technology and how do they get people on board?
    • How are the Norwegians coping with an ageing population? How are people growing old in good health and how can older people continue to participate in the work process for longer?
    • How do Norwegians cope with change? What role does the tripartite model play in the national social dialogue? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this tripartite model? How do they organise a changing work environment and prepare employees for it?
  • The Future of Work in sharp focus:
    • set out in a report about the study tour
    • intervision and reflective discussions during the tour
    • translation into a plan of approach for your own organisation
  • An exceptional and strong network of ambitious Dutch HR executives.

Your investment

The guide price is € 4,950, (excluding VAT). This covers the entire program include:

  • economy class return flight 1
  • hotel accommodation 1
  • breakfast, lunches and dinners in selected restaurants
  • local transport
  • company visits in Oslo
  • Social programme (for instance, visiting the Opera House in Oslo)
  • interesting lectures
  • introductory meeting before departure and follow-up meeting after return to the Netherland

Cultural activities are available on an optional basis (for instance, performances at Oslo’s Opera House.


Your travelling companions

  • Hans van der Molen, chairman of the board at Berenschot
  • Joris van Berckel, MSc., junior consultant, strategic HRM, Berenschot
  • Annet de Lange, Professor in ‘sustainable employability’, Open University & Berenschot
  • Francel Vos, senior consultant, strategic HRM and Innovation, Berenschot.
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