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Study tour Italy: The Future of Work

Study tour Italy: The Future of Work

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13 June 2022

Looking for a way to transition effectively to the work of the future? Berenschot and HAN University of Applied Sciences are going on a journey of discovery together in Italy. We would love it if you could join us.

From 13 to 17 June 2022* Berenschot organizes together with Prof. Dr. Annet de Lange of the HAN University of Applied Sciences an exclusive study trip for HR executives to Italy. During one working week we will focus on The Future of Work; how will we as organizations and as a society deal with the upcoming changes? We offer you a unique opportunity to work on your vision of the future of work, within your own organization, with a scientific foundation. From the perspective of technology and people.

*The date of the trip is still subject to developments around COVID-19 and flight options.

Why Italy?

You may be thinking, "Why Italy?" You may never have thought about it, but Italy is a frontrunner in many aspects. The country excels in soccer, culinary traditions, fashion, fast cars and also in technology and innovation. In short, a fascinating and unique environment, with several inspiring places. For example, the northern golden triangle of Milan-Turin-Genoa, the economic and industrial heart of Italy. Inspiration for a much-needed update of our vision of work in the future.

The program in outline

With a select group of HR executives, we will spend a week looking for inspiration and answers. We discuss the challenges we face and reflect on Italian ways of working and seeing things. Themes covered include: the big labor market challenges, the (digital/agile) transformation of organizations, skills of the future and the impact of COVID-19 on organizations and the work of the future.

We will visit Milan and Bologna. In doing so, we will visit a number of progressive companies and a healthcare institution in Milan, and we will visit the leading Università di Bologna. Cultural components are also offered as an option in the trip, such as the opera in Milan. During the trip there will be plenty of room for reflection, networking and connecting with your own practice.

If I think about the future of my country for my children, I don’t imagine describing Italy as a museum… I prefer the image of my country as an innovation lab. And for that we need a different idea of Europe. - MATTEO RENZI

Our sources of inspiration

Italy was the first European country to be affected by COVID-19. The pandemic had a huge impact on residents and organizations. How did they deal with it and what does such a crisis mean for reforms in the country? On the one hand, COVID-19 very clearly showed the weaknesses of the country, but on the other hand, the pandemic, as elsewhere, accelerated developments enormously. What was the impact of COVID-19 on the country's lagging Internet services and what resilience have Italian organizations shown?

Healthy ageing
Italy wins over other countries in terms of life expectancy. The oldest people in the world live in Sardinia! The explanation is often sought in healthy eating, regular exercise, a rich social life and the ability to put stress into perspective. Is this also reflected on the mainland, in the workplace and in healthcare?

Innovation in Italy? Be surprised!

Italy is not only a popular vacation country, known for its art, culture and culinary traditions, but also has an innovative and creative side. Made in Italy' is a strong international brand that stands for elegance and originality. Great inventions were born there: such as the telephone, radio, Olivetti computers, batteries, the Stradivarius violin. Italy knew greats as Galileo Galilei, Leonardo da Vinci and Vasco da Gama. And the current Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) is a real driver of technological innovation..

What will you gain by joining this tour?

Knowledge and insights into technological, economic and social developments in Italy with a special focus on the Future of Work;

  • How do Italians deal with the arrival of new technology? How do they harness technology, how do they anticipate it, how do they take people with them?
  • How do Italians deal with an aging population? How do they age healthily, how do older people continue to participate in work?
  • How do Italians deal with change? How do Italians organize a changing work environment and how do they prepare employees for it?
  • How have Italian organizations dealt with the impact of COVID-19?

    A Sharp Vision of the Future of Work;
  • Established in a white paper ;
  • Translated into a plan of action for your own organization.

A particularly strong network of ambitious Dutch HR executives.

Your investment

The guide price for the program is €3,995*, excluding VAT. This amount is for the entire substantive program, including travel and accommodation expenses consisting of:

  • Economy Class Airfare;
  • Hotel accommodation;
  • Breakfasts, lunches, dinners in special restaurants;
  • Local transportation;
  • Company visits in Milan;
  • University visit in Bologna;
  • Interesting lectures;
  • Kick-off meeting before departure and a follow-up meeting afterwards in the Netherlands;
  • Cultural activities we offer optionally

Your travelling companions

  • Drs. Hans van der Molen, CEO, Berenschot
  • Drs. Sanne van den Bosch, managing director Future of
    Work and Organisations, Berenschot
  • Drs. Francel Vos, senior consultant, Strategic HRM and
    Innovation, Berenschot
  • Professor Annet de Lange, Professor ‘Successful ageing at
    work’, HAN University of Applied Sciences

*This price is explicitly a guide price. Of course, we are dependent on the then prevailing hotel costs and ticket prices. Because we want to keep the trip affordable, the price will not deviate more than 10% from the guide price.

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