Berenschot is an independent, leading, broadly operating Dutch management consulting firm with an international dimension.

As a holding company, Berenschot Groep includes all companies belonging to the Group, as well as the other participating interests in which the company has a share.

Stichting Berenschot Beheer (Berenschot Management Trust) is the only shareholder in Berenschot Groep.

The holding and administration of shares in Berenschot Groep is focused on ensuring continuity and contributing to a balanced development of the companies belonging to the Group.


Hans van der Molen_klein Wilbert Blok

Drs. H. van der Molen
Chairmain of the Board 
Berenschot Groep B.V.

W. Blok RA
Financial Director

Supervisory Board

Marc van t Noordende Mr. M.M. van ’t Noordende MBA, chairman
Esther Raats-Coster Mw. E.A.G. Raats-Coster, vice-chairman
Drs. A.J. Pasman Drs. A.J. Pasman

Members of the Nomination/Remuneration Committee

  • Drs. A.J. Pasman

Members of the Audit Committee

  • Mw. E.A.G. Raats-Coster

Stichting Berenschot Beheer (Berenschot Management Trust)

  • Dr. P.W. Moerland, chairman
  • Mw. drs. P.J.E. Bieringa MBA, vice-chairman
  • Dr. R.L. Vreeman
  • Mw. mr. M.C. van der Laan
  • Mw. mr. M.J. Oudeman MBA

Management of Subsidiaries/Participations

  • L. Steenhorst / Berenschot International B.V.
  • H. van der Molen / Berenschot Belgium N.V.
  • H. van der Molen / A. Ninan / S. Ranchhoojee / F. Burgers / Mazars Berenschot Joint Venture (Pty) Ltd.

Articles of Association and Trade Register

Berenschot Groep is the legal successor to Berenschot Holding effective March 3rd, 2015. The articles of association of Berenschot Holding were established by means of a notarial deed dated February 16th, 1999, amended on March 3rd, 2015. The registered office is located in Utrecht. The company is registered in the Utrecht Trade Register under number 30155100.

Main Branch: Utrecht, Van Deventerlaan 31-51, 3528 AG 
Correspondence address: PO Box 8039, 3503 RA Utrecht, The Netherlands
Telephone: +31(0)30 - 2916 916.