ISO certifications

The management system of Berenschot meets various international standards and is certified accordingly.

  • ISO 9001- 2015 is the international standard for quality management. This standard is used to assess whether the organisation is able to meet the requirements of its clients, the laws and regulations that apply to our service and the requirements of the organisation itself. The integration of our quality system in our business operations gives substance to Berenschot’s quality vision with the aim to encourage the involvement of each employee in improving the organisation and its results.
  • ISO 27001 is the international standard for information security management. The information security management system of Berenschot is built up in accordance with the structure of ISO 27001-2013 and meets the requirements of the standard. The Information Security Management System (ISMS) was certified in 2016. Careful use of the information and data of clients, individuals and organisations is of great importance to Berenschot. Meeting this standard and continuing to work on improvements will ensure the reliability of our information security management.
  • ISO 26000 is the international directive for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The activities carried out by Berenschot in the context of the CSR policy are based on the core areas identified in the ISO 26000 standard: good management, human rights, working conditions, fair business practices, consumer interests, the environment and involvement.

Based on these standards, Berenschot is audited each year by an independent certified institution.

To us, a certification is an official stamp for the quality and reliability that our organisation represents. We like to hold our organisation up to the light from time to time, so that we can continue to improve and continue to meet the international standards in order to provide our clients with the best advice.