The Stichting Voetsporen van Berenschot (Berenschot Footprints Foundation)

‘In Berenschot’s Footprints’

The Stichting Voetsporen van Berenschot (Berenschot Footprints Foundation) focuses on maintaining Berenschot's historic and current body of thought.

The Footprints Foundation was founded on 29 December 2006. Its founder is former Berenschot employee Diederick van den Wall Bake who is also the chairman of the foundation. He wants to contribute to keeping our history alive. "New employees in particular show a lot of interest in the origins and development of our firm," says Diederick. "There are differences between the work then and now, as well as surprisingly many similarities."


Several successes have already been attributed to the Foundation. In 2007, an appeal to Berenschot alumni and pensioners produced a number of unique photos, film recordings and documents. This historical material, supplemented with current material can be viewed in the BerenschAtkamer (Berenschot Treasure Room) in the central hall of the Berenschot offices in Utrecht and gives visitors insight into developments in the consulting profession.

Anniversary Book

At the same time that the BerenschAtkamer was inaugurated in 2008, an Anniversary Book was published commemorating Berenschot's 70th anniversary. Fifty people spent 18 months working on this exceptional and challenging Berenschot book. The result: a coffee table book that is a delight to browse through and that generates curiosity. The idea for the book came from Dick Houthoff, a former Berenschot employee and, as well as Diederick, an active member of the board of the Footprints Foundation.

Management Board

  • Ludy Geut, Chairman of the Foundation
  • Hanneke van Nispen, Secretary and Treasurer of the Foundation
  • Andrea van Schie,  Board member
  • Rutger Verbeet, Boardmember
  • Hans Schotel,  Board member
  • Bart Hoex, Board member
  • Mariska Peeters, Board member



Diederick van den Wall Bake is honorary Chairman