Berenschot was founded in 1938, 80 years ago. For Berenschot, this is a huge milestone in a world in which most companies do not survive beyond the retirement of their founder.

The key hurdle all successful companies must overcome is the succession of their founder. The Berenschot name today has come to signify the company rather than the name of its founder. Paradoxically, this is the best proof of that person's success.

The development of the firm, from the Second World War till now, is largely a reflection of the development of the Dutch economy. The war years, the reconstruction, the growth of the welfare state, the renewed market-oriented thinking and globalisation are trends that are visible and tangible in everyday life. Professional developments are also perceptible . Founder B.W. Berenschot was strongly influenced by so-called scientific management. Today we would call this ‘measuring is knowing'. At the same time, he was a man with a sharp eye for actual practice. This combination of theory and actual practice became the foundation founding philosophy for the Berenschot management consulting firm. Since then, times have changed. Berenschot has moved with these changing times and, in part, has also provided direction to these changes. Our home base is the Netherlands, but our field of expertise is worldwide. Our contracts are characterised by global economic and political relationships, which is already the case since before WWII.

We have been an innovative company since the 1930s. We stay up to date with the development of new methods and new knowledge. At the same time awareness of the issues facing our customers is our source of nourishment. Every day, Berenschot employees are confronted with the challenges and tensions this generates. And it is that experience that produces a professional performance in the service of our customers. This has been the case for eighty years, and we have many years ahead of us.


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