B.W. Berenschot (1895-1964)

Our founder, B.W. Berenschot (1895-1964) was a real entrepreneur who considered entrepreneurship to be the exact opposite of giving up.

An impressive man with a vision and feeling for the things that would become important to the consulting profession in terms of skills as well as markets. His appointment as a Professor at Delft University of Technology as well as the bestowal of the American Wallace Clark Award confirmed his national and international knowledge and skill.

Berenschot graduated in civil engineering from Delft University in 1921. He then worked briefly for the Public Works Department in The Hague. In 1923, he joined Hijmans & Van Gogh, a consulting firm for industrial organisation and metal working. At that point, the Netherlands had around 15 people professionally involved in advising companies in the area of industrial organisation. The knowledge related to organisational issues was largely borrowed from the United States.

Various individuals employed by the Hijmans & Van Gogh Bureau started their own management consultancy, either on their own or with others. This was true of Berenschot and J.M. Louwerse in 1925 as well. Their Adviesbureau voor Bedrijfsorganisatie Louwerse & Berenschot (Louwerse & Berenschot Management Consulting Firm) originally focused on industry, particularly the textile industry in the Twente region and the metal, clothing and confectionary industries. During this period they established the foundation for the knowledge of these market sectors.

In 1938, Louwerse and Berenschot terminated their collaboration due to a difference of opinion concerning how the profession should be exercised. Berenschot realised that a consulting firm had to be more than the private hobby of various specialists. Only a large firm would be able to ensure its own continuity. In 1938 he established the Raadgevend Bureau Ir. B.W. Berenschot (B.W. Berenschot Consulting Firm).

He died suddenly on 23 January 1964, at the age of 68.

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