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Berenschot is positioned at the centre of society. We want to make a contribution to current social issues and strive for growth on the basis of our expertise.

Berenschot is socially involved in many initiatives and in many places. This part of our website provides an overview of our initiatives in this respect. It provides an overview of our specific activities each year by component.

Vision and Mission

Berenschot is aware of its role in society, and, as a leading consultancy, is committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR). This means that alongside the pursuit of profit (profit), Berenschot also considers the effects of its services and operations on the environment (planet), taking human aspects inside and outside the company into account (people). It is all about finding a balance between the three Ps - people, planet and profit. Increasingly more often it turns out that such a balance leads to better results for the organisation, as well as society. As an organisation at the centre of society, Berenschot wants to make a contribution to current social issues on the basis of its expertise and service role.

Berenschot consultants have been working on improving organisations and society since 1938. Since its founding, Corporate Social Responsibility has been part of Berenschot’s business model. Reading our mission and strategy shows that we are focused on improving the organisations of our clients. Berenschot employees are focused on realising client assignments and they have a good eye for the social context in this respect. Socially responsible consequently is a substantive part of the way in which we approach our assignments. In addition, CSR is part of the way in which we have structured Berenschot’s business operations. We use energy and raw materials sparingly. We try to reduce the number of kilometres travelled and to keep the pollution of each segment to the minimum possible. In our strategic personnel policy, we are aiming for diversity in the overall staff complement.
Berenschot employees feel connected to the company because this way of working is consistent with their personal philosophy: meticulous, substantive, business-like and with respect for others. Of course not everything we intend to do always meets with success, but each day we take further steps in the right direction.

Corporate social responsibility is subject to change. In its initial years the emphasis was on exploration, voluntary compliance and reporting. More recently we are observing a growing interest in the market for integrating CSR into the business strategy as part of new business development and risk management in the supply chain.

The latter is in line with the due diligence principle as reflected in Professor Ruggie's Protect, Respect and Remedy Framework of the United Nations. Companies are responsible for identifying the CSR risks and must use their influence to improve the situation. Risk management is business language, and that appeals to us. Because corporate social responsibility represents an economic opportunity, as well as a social responsibility. We consider both aspects as part of our consulting practice.

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