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In recent years, Berenschot took a number of steps to reduce its burden on the environment (energy consumption, emission of CO2, NOx and particulates, and noise levels).

The direct impact of our consulting services on the environment is, relatively speaking, limited, most certainly in comparison to other sectors, such as industry, logistics and construction. The essence of our consulting services is the engagement of consultants. This involves some home-work commuting and commuting travel between the consultant and the client. As part of our CSR policy we introduced a number of interventions in recent years to reduce and compensate for the environmental impact of our mobility. These interventions form part of our transportation plan.

Transportation Plan

Electric transportation: In 2012, we installed three charging stations for electric cars. An additional two stations were installed in 2013. Since June 2013, two consultants have been driving an Opel Ampera hybrid. This initiative was evaluated in June 2014, after which a decision was taken as to whether or not to include electric cars in our car lease scheme.

Promoting public transportation: Berenschot strongly encourages the use of public transportation and the use of public transport bicycles (‘OV bicycles’). This is why we introduced the Dutch National Railways (NS) business card for lease car drivers a few years ago. Berenschot employees travelled 244,222 km by train in 2012.

Carpooling and efficient driving: When new cars are purchased we see to it that cars are chosen that are as efficient as possible. In addition, we encourage carpooling and driving as efficiently as possible.

Bicycle plan: We make bicycles available to our consultants for home-work commuting (< 15 km) and for transportation from home to a public transportation embarking point or from a public transportation disembarking point to work (< 15 km).

Telecommuting and flexible working hours: To limit the number of kilometres travelled to a minimum, Berenschot promotes telecommuting. All of our consultants have a laptop, mobile telephone and a dial-in connection with our company network for this purpose. Furthermore, consultants have the option of adopting flexible working hours, so that they can leave from home later to avoid traffic-jams; indeed the CO 2 emissions are much greater while driving in traffic queues.

Climate Compensation

Berenschot applies climate compensation to the car mileage driven in support of our contracts. The emissions in 2012 were 1,306.96 tonnes (compared to 1,500.00 tonnes in 2011). We achieved this compensation by investing in sustainable energy projects through means of purchasing CO 2 credits from the Climate Neutral Group . All of the Climate Neutral Group’s projects meet the highest international standards and are verified and audited by independent partners. Furthermore, their projects always contribute to the development of the local population and the region.

Electric Driving


Electric driving forms part of our lease car scheme. In 2012, we installed three charging stations for electric cars. One of these charging stations was also the 1,000th charging station in the Netherlands.

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