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Social report

Our CSR policy is a results-oriented process whereby Berenschot as a company takes responsibility across the entire chain of its activities for the impact of these activities on the ecological domain, reports on these activities and engages in a dialogue with stakeholders.

As a reference framework for our policy and process, we use agreed upon basic principles, standards, agreements and operating principles and processes as established by the ISO 26000 standard and contained in the code of conduct of the Council of Organisation Consulting Firms (ROA), of which Berenschot is a member.

These basic principles, standards and agreements relate to the field of sustainability, care for the environment, quality, working conditions and involvement. The CSR process within Berenschot is developed on the basis of Berenschot’s CSR vision and on the basis of the ISO 26000’s principles and core subject areas. Each year, on the basis of these core subject areas, themes are identified that have a real impact on our operations. After a dialogue with stakeholders, these themes are developed into policy and activities.

Improvements are implemented and modifications are made on the basis of, for instance, biennial evaluations, and annual audits carried out by a certified company.

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