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Berenschot is continuously looking out for improvements. That applies to our services, our quality, as well as our business operations. The bar is set high. The demands we place on ourselves, we also place on our suppliers.

Berenschot promotes telecommuting and flexible working hours as much as possible. This enable us to keep the number of kilometres travelled to a minimum. Furthermore, consultants have the option of adopting flexible working hours, so that they can leave from home later and avoid traffic-jams this way. This significantly reduces the burden on the environment, which reaches a peak during traffic-jams.

We have also made the necessary modifications to our accommodations in order to reduce the burden on the environment. Our building is equipped with lighting sensors and all equipment is turned off at night. In addition, each area has its own temperature controls. This means that there is no heating or air conditioning on in areas where no one is present. Aside from this, in consultation with the building’s landlord, we are trying to implement as many energy-saving measures as possible. One of these measures, for example, is the acquisition of Green Power.

We are also making efforts to avoid wastage. Instead of printing or copying documents, we work digitally as much as possible. Some examples. Starting in 2011, we have been using a digital document archive that makes salary slips and annual statements available for perusal. The new printing units installed within Berenschot have been set such that automatically two pages are printed on one sheet and all sheets are printed double-sided. Furthermore, we are using recycled materials, for example for kitchen paper and toilet paper, as well as office paper that has not been bleached with chlorine.

Our Suppliers

We are also asking our suppliers to provide insight into the measures they are taking in the area of CSR and we take this into consideration in our choice of supplier.

Below is a partial list of suppliers we work with:

  • CSU Cleaning service
  • GROEN Interieurbeplanting
  • Securitas
  • Vitam catering
  • Revon Drukkerij
  • Saan Archiefbeheer
  • W. Van Haarlem Verhuisservice
  • Van Straaten Post

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