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Social report

In addition to corporate social responsibility we also consider corporate social involvement very important. We demonstrate our involvement in various ways.

Berenschot each year adopts an in-kind budget (in consulting hours) for the purpose of making a contribution to important social issues. A selection of our activities:

Support for Cradle to Cradle Chair

Berenschot’s Executive Board actively supports Professor Michael Braingart’s Cradle to Cradle Chair at Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

Coaching partner Young Advisory Group (2010-2013)

The Young Advisory Group (YAG) is a consultancy entirely operated by university student consultants. Berenschot supplies training and assists with issues faced by this organisation. In addition, YAG consultants have the opportunity of exploring ongoing projects.

U15: Improved Accessibility to De Uithof - Utrecht Science Park (2012-2013)

Berenschot is one of the collaborative partners in the Beter Benutten Midden Nederland (Improving the Use of the Central Netherlands Region) programme. Berenschot provides knowledge and project management. This way we want to contribute to improving access to the Central Netherlands Region.

Sustainability Dialogue at Dobla (2013)

Dobla is a company that supplies chocolate decorations to restaurants, patisseries, and cake and dessert factories. The company had realised a very ambitious sustainability programme and wanted to communicate this clearly and distinctively to its clients. Berenschot applied its sustainability analysis tool for this purpose - the Sustainability Dialogue.

Roparun (2008-2013)

The Roparun is a relay race from Paris or Hamburg to Rotterdam in which people in teams participate in a sports event in order to collect money for people with cancer. In 2013, Berenschot’s Team 155 participated for the sixth time. Also see

Track the Talent (2011-2013)

Track the Talent is a programme in Haarlem, Alkmaar, Amsterdam and Utrecht. It gives young people who have discontinued their education and are threatening to drop out a boost. They participate in workshops given by ten leading companies. At Berenschot we do a Talent Scan with these young people. This is a combination consisting of an interview, group role play and skills testing. At the end of the workshop we communicate to these young people what we saw in them and we give them advice for the future. The Talent Scan’s impact is very concrete and measurable. In 2013, we provided guidance to senior secondary vocational education (MBO) students who had discontinued their education. \

MATS Project, an initiative of SodaProducties (2012-2013)

Three Berenschot employees coach ambitious higher professional education (HBO) students who are starting out on the labour market and are enrolled in a 6-month traineeship with a social organisation via the MATS Project . MATS is an initiative of , a firm for social innovation.

Support of PRIMA Ondernemen Award (2012-2013)

Under contract to the Federation of the Dutch Rubber, Adhesives and Plastics Industry (NRK) , Berenschot facilitated the presentation of the PRIMA Ondernemen Award. This award was presented to the top 3 most sustainable companies on 17 January 2013.

Support of the Stimuleringskader Integer Ondernemen (2012)

Berenschot provided support to the Foundation for the Promotion of Organisational Integrity (Stichting SIO) in creating the Stimuleringskader Integer Ondernemen (Framework for Promoting Ethical Business Practices) and is supporting this framework in actual practice. The Framework for Promoting Ethical Business Practices is an objective system of standards providing an indication of the degree to which an organisation actively implements integrity management. On 29 May 2012, Berenschot (Dr L.H. Hoeksema) acted as the session chair for the launch of the Framework for Promoting Ethical Business Practices. Messrs Arthur Docters van Leeuwen and Theodor Kockelkoren were among the speakers that day.

Stichting Sport & Zaken (2011/2012)

Stichting Sport & Zaken (Foundation for Sport & Business), an initiative of NOC*NSF, promotes collaboration between social sport organisations and companies with a heart for sport. In the field of consulting, Sport & Zaken connects sport organisations with consultancies prepared to provide their knowledge and expertise three times a year for a maximum of 20 half-days. Berenschot is one of the consultancies that participate in Sport & Zaken. At the request of the Stichting Sport & Zaken, over the period 2011-2012, Berenschot provided advice on the collaboration between different associations and sport organisations in the House of Sport in Bunnik.

Partner World Sustainability Centre (WSC)

Work is currently well underway on the Afsluitdijk (Ijsselmeer Dam) with the objective of making it sustainable. One of the elements of this work is the World Sustainability Centre (WSC), named BRINKER , a centre with sustainability as its central theme. Berenschot has been an official partner of the World Sustainability Centre since 1 March 2011 and, under contract to the Province of Friesland and the Sustainability Centre Foundation (part paid, part in-kind), contributed to developing the substantive concept, orienting and structuring the project organisation, acquiring the grant, searching for partners and programming the Centre.

In addition to in-kind projects, Berenschot participates in many social networks and organisations. Berenschot is a partner of MVO (CSR) Nederland and a member of the ISO 26000 (CSR) Standards Committee. ISO 26000 is an international standard that provides guidelines for supporting organisations with the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


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