Meet Berenschot

Meet Berenschot's employees.

Richard Born_klein

Richard Born - Senior Management Consultant with a focus on the Carribean

"Nearly every day has been an inspiring experience."

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Eveline Castelijns_klein

Eveline Castelijns - Managing Consultant Healthcare

"My wishes have come true. At Berenschot I ended up in an ambitious and diverse team with a single common denominator: a love for the healthcare sector."

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Joost Krebbekx_klein

Joost Krebbekx - Senior Managing Consultant Innovation Consulting

My technical background (Aviation and Aerospace Technology at Delft University of Technology) certainly still comes in handy; the fact that you understand what they are involved in gives you a head-start with many clients."

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Fons de Zeeuw_klein

Fons de Zeeuw - Senior Managing Consultant for Berenschot International with a focus on Africa

"At Berenschot, I enjoy in particular working with my colleagues: innovative and result-oriented professionals."

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