9 February 2018

Executive boards of professional organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of communication. Reputation and the impact of communication are becoming regular themes at the top. But at the same time, the position of communication can be improved as far as the rest of the organisation is concerned.

International Communications Benchmark Venice
27 November 2017

Berenschot will launch an international benchmark study covering all communications aspects in the spring of 2018. The main trends emerging from the national benchmarking Berenschot has conducted over the years are the introduction of social newsrooms, and the growing importance of internal communications.

17 November 2017

On 14 November Simone Roos (Director-General Government Organisation, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations), gave the official go-ahead, amid great interest, for twelve social return pilot projects. Berenschot is participating with its own pilot project.

8 November 2017

Hybrid heat pumps can reduce the demand for natural gas in existing homes and buildings at an advantageous and accelerated rate from 15 billion cubic metres to possibly 1 billion cubic metres in 2035. This goes hand in hand with a significant but manageable electrification to prevent peaks in electricity demand. This is apparent from a recent study by Berenschot.

27 October 2017

The Strategic Business Plan (SBP) Awards were presented on 28 September. Four teams presented their business plan to a jury, which was followed by the announcement of the big winners.

16 October 2017

In the coming weeks, six Berenschot consultants will take up the challenge to give the agricultural sector in Bangladesh a substantial boost. The assignment comes from VSO, a development aid organisation dedicated to combating poverty.

12 October 2017

The HR world is changing rapidly. A large majority (71%) of HR professionals expects their job to change in the near future and the threat of jobs disappearing through robotisation appears to be drawing closer.

27 September 2017

Privacy and data protection are low down on the priority list of HR departments. HR professionals anticipate that this issue will move even further down the priority list in 2018. Although they are confronted with it every day, nearly one in ten HR professionals (8%) do not know that since the introduction of the duty to report data leaks, the Personal Data Protection Act has started to play a greater role in HR.

14 September 2017

Recently Berenschot provided a training session on cooperation for asylum seekers and residents in the Utrecht district of Overvecht. The session was part of a training course on entrepreneurship, which was offered free of charge by the Municipality of Utrecht, under the name Plan Einstein.

7 September 2017

On 1 October 2017 Ron van der Jagt will join consultancy firm Berenschot as Senior Managing Consultant. At Berenschot he will particularly strengthen the strategic communication proposition for issues concerning strategy, reputation and organisation of the communication function.

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