Iedereen datagedreven
7 June 2017

In the latest edition of professional journal VM [verenigingsmanagement - association management] Amir Sabirovic, New Business Development, Marketing & Sales Director, argues that thinking, working and decision-making with the aid of data was never as attainable for associations as it is now.

7 June 2017

The world for corporations is changing. Rapidly and drastically. Data is everywhere and appears infinite. It can tell you which tenants are more likely to experience payment problems, in which communities and neighbourhoods social problems may arise or which houses will be subject to subsidence. But how do you translate this data into effective control information and suitable operational management? What does data control mean for the roles within your organisation and how do you ensure that your employees become data-minded?

1 June 2017

As a director in secondary education, you and your organisation are constantly faced with new developments. What are the consequences of the digitalisation of learning materials and the supporting processes, for example? How do you respond to this in an effective manner and what does it mean for the administrative burden of your teachers? How do you shape the growing number of collaborations with healthcare institutions concerning children with special educational needs, the collaborative arrangements and with other partners? How do you recognise the obstacles to effective collaboration and which strategies you can deploy to circumvent those?

Communicating with the public
31 May 2017

Commissioned by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Berenschot and Clingendael Institute will implement the Professional development course “Communicating with the Public” (part of Matra-South Programme for Arab Countries - Supporting democratic transition in the Arab region) on behalf of the Netherlands Ministry for Foreign Affairs, during the period 2014-2017.

Salary survey amongst logistics professionals has started
31 May 2017

For the third year in a row, Berenschot, Logistics Management Association (vLm) and together are carrying out a salary survey amongst logistics professionals. The online survey is also intended to identify trends and developments within logistics and SCM-positions. Register now and receive the salary report for free via email.

Payroll Professionals Trend Survey
31 May 2017

Performa and Berenschot invite payroll staff and advisors to participate in the Payroll Professionals Trend Survey, an initiative from the Netherlands Institute for Payroll Accounting (NIPRA). The objective is to gain an as complete as possible picture of the role of payroll professionals.

Hans van der Molen
29 May 2017

Mr H. (Hans) van der Molen (1966) is appointed as director and chairman of the Berenschot Group B.V from 1 September 2017.

Persoon op bergtop_LR
29 May 2017

“All over the world you must strive to be the best as a woman to get to the top” so says Luc Steenhorst, international remuneration expert at Berenschot. However, women at the top in the USA earn more than their male colleagues. How is this possible?

wooden packaging recycling plan
23 May 2017

In the Packaging Framework Agreement 2013-2022, the packing industry took up the challenge to recycle substantially more wood packaging. Nedvang and Berenschot support the sector in this with an exploration.

Berenschot supports VNCI in Roadmap 2050
23 May 2017

VNCI [Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry] has instructed Berenschot and Ecofys to prepare a roadmap for energy and climate up to 2050 for the chemical industry in the Netherlands. The Roadmap 2050 must lead to a shared ambition and vision for the Dutch chemical industry.

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