Berenschot Academy and Berenschot Foundation

Berenschot is particularly concerned with the quality and development of the professional. Because the bar is set high. Our customers are entitled to expect the best consultants and excellent professional advice based on the latest insights. This is why we have a Berenschot Academy and a Berenschot Foundation.

The Berenschot Academy is for personal reflection, experimentation and the development of skills. The Berenschot Academy is just one of the ways in which Berenschot enables its own consultants the opportunity to take advantage of the best education and training in their field.

The Berenschot Foundation (‘our R&D Laboratory') promotes research into socially relevant, economic or professional subjects and related publications. For the last 25 years, this has given Berenschot consultants an opportunity to deepen their knowledge and renew their insights and methods. A key objective in this respect is to keep Berenschot's toolkit up to date.

The Foundation offers Berenschot's consultants financial support as well as professional guidance. Most projects result in a publication in the Berenschot Foundation series, which currently includes nearly fifty titles. Multimedia publications and games are also being increasingly included. The Thesis Award is another initiative of the Berenschot Foundation.

Ber Damen_klein

"The Foundation and the Academy demonstrate what Berenschot is all about. Innovation in our profession, research into new products and services, strengthening the external relationship network and employee development."

Ber Damen
Member of the Executive Board

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